2019-2020 President's Year in Review

2019-2020 President's Year in Review

LWVNC local league presidents

Where did the year go? It’s hard to believe that we have finished a year since our convention. What a year it has been! It’s amazing when you have served in this capacity before how things have changed between the years. I have had to learn new things about the structure of our Board and work extensively to build cohesiveness within our members. All of you know that I am a person that likes for people to work together and work for the local leagues. Our main purpose at the state level is one of support for all of you at the local level. We are here for you.

We have done so many things since convention that you can see as you read this newsletter. I am proud to say we accomplished much and then the pandemic hit! What a mess! We had so many things planned and then had to go back to the drawing board and rearrange how to make things work.  
The pandemic also put a damper on your Board in that we had to stop meeting in person. We have certainly learned how to have meetings via Zoom conference. It’s interesting but not the same as being in person. We will make it happen! I have had a great time with our Board and learned so many things from their expertise. I appreciate them all for working with me!

– Jo Nicholas, LWVNC President  


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