VOTE411 Promotional Resources

VOTE411 Promotional Resources

VOTE411 yard sign in front of apex senior center

League members in North Carolina, we want to help you promote! This page is meant to serve as a directory of resources. There's no need to "reinvent the wheel" – or a VOTE411 postcard, public service announcement, press release, or flyer – when the material you are looking for may already exist via this hub. Feel free to email Andrea Cash at cash [at] if you'd like to see a particular piece of content added to this page – or if you need help customizing VOTE411 materials for your League! 

Slides from July 25, 2022 Zoom 

Remember, high-resolution logos specific to your League name can be found on the LWVUS site.

From LWVNC VOTE411 Team

Peruse all LWVNC materials

Banner Sign



Business Cards


'I Vote Because' Posters



PowerPoint Presentations

Press Releases 

Recent Stats on VOTE411 Usage in NC

Talking Points

VAN Access – Link to form to request assistance in obtaining data about Registered Voters in the VAN. (Note: Unregistered voters' info is not in the VAN!) 

Video – New! Sept. 2022: A North Carolinian's Guide to Using The Non-Partisan Online Voter Guide

Video – New! Oct. 2022: How to Use VOTE411 to Hear from Candidates in Their Own Words 

Video – New! Oct. 2022: How to Use VOTE411 to View What's On Your Ballot, Make Selections, & View Them When You Go to Vote

Wristbands – The MidSandhills Member at Large Unit created these VOTE411 wristbands, which have been a popular VOTE411 promotional item for young and soon-to-be voters. We can connect you to the MidSandhills leaders for more information. (Andrea Cash, cash [at]

Yard Signs 

From LWV of Charlotte Mecklenburg

Banner Ads



Bookmarks and Newspaper Ads for Piedmont Triad

Door Hangers


Newspaper Ads (Batch 1) 

Newspaper Ads (Batch 2) 

Newspaper Ads (in Spanish) 

Posters (8.5 x 11) 

Posters (variety of sizes) 

QR Codes 

Yard Signs (24 x 18) 

Yard Signs (36 x 24)

From Catawba Valley League

Billboards (PNG files and PDF files)


Letter from Jackson Creative about Revising Creative Assets 

Social Media Graphics 

Trifold Brochure

Trifold Brochure in Spanish: Page 1  Page 2

YouTube Video – VOTE411

YouTube Video – Street Smarts

From LWV of Henderson County

YouTube Video – VOTE411: NOW!

YouTube Video – VOTE411: Because! 


Canva templates - new for fall 2022 

Election Preparation Toolkit - new for fall 2022

Get Out the Vote Toolkit 

Graphics, Sample Social Media Posts, and Canva Templates

Letter to the Editor Template (to pressure candidates to fill out VOTE411 voter guides)

Merchandise Portal 

Photo Library

Postcards Focusing on Registering the Class of 2022

Press Release Templates

Press Release – VOTE411 Wins 2021 Nonprofit Communications Campaign of the Year 

Public Service Announcement, 2020

Public Service Announcement, 2020, in Spanish

Public Service Announcements- 2021 

Public Service Announcement, 2021, in Spanish

Public Service Announcement, 2022, version 1

Public Service Announcement, 2022, version 1, in Spanish 

Public Service Announcement, 2022, version 2 

Public Service Announcement, 2022, version 2, in Spanish 

Testimonial from a VOTE411 Voter

VOTE411 Logos and Social Media Graphics 

Widget Code 

Press Coverage of VOTE411 in North Carolina 

Catawba Valley Leaders Interviewed on Radio to Discuss VOTE411 

The Outer Banks Voice: LWV Offers as Useful Voter Tool

Yes Weekly (Greensboro) Letter to the Editor, May 2022

League of Women Voters Announces VOTE411 (Carteret Co. News-Times)


“When we first moved [here], I didn't find much on voting so thank you for this accessible, easily understood, non-partisan site. So now we are better informed citizens!” 

“I have used the guide since I became an American citizen and started to vote. Thank you for helping me understand the issues important to our community…”

“VOTE411 keeps me up to date on the elections happening in my state.” 


  • There is no “best way” to promote VOTE411 – word of mouth, social media, printed promotional materials, billboards, U.S. mail all work. Think about what audience you’re trying to reach! QR codes aren’t best for certain demographics, while others are quite adept at using them.
  • College students have reported they like posters and flyers that keep the name in front of them.
  • Ask yourself who you can partner with to get the word out.
  • Different media can be more effective at different times. Bookmarks are best passed out early to keep; billboards are most effective in the month before an election, and radio spots are most effective the week before an election. 
  • The most expensive tactics should be used at the last minute when the majority of people use the site – our statistics indicate that 58-64% of users log on during the final week before Election Day. 

VIDEO: What Happens After You Vote in NC? 
Promotional flyer that complements the What Happens After You Vote in NC video