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Our Team


Officers and

Board of Directors

Headshot of Joy Nicholas, LWVNC President 2019  Headshot of Marian Lewin, LWVNC 1st Vice President 2019 Headshot of  Jennifer Rubin, LWVNC 2nd Vice President 2019 Headshot of Jana Albritton, LWVNC Secretary 2019
Jo Nicholas
nicholas [at] lwvnc.org
1st VP
Marian Lewin
lewin [at] lwvnc.org
2nd VP
Jennifer Rubin
rubin [at] lwvnc.org
Jana Albritton
albritton [at] lwvnc.org
MARY THOMPSON Headshot of  Jennifer Bremer, LWVNC Board Member 2019 Headshot of  Phyllis Demko, LWVNC Board Member 2019 Headshot of  Amy Jeroloman, LWVNC Board Member 2019
Mary Thompson

thompson [at] lwvnc.org

Board Member
Jennifer Bremer
bremer [at] lwvnc.org
Board Member
Phyllis Demko
demko [at] lwvnc.org
Board Member
Amy Jeroloman
jeroloman [at] lwvnc.org

Judy Lotas

Sandra Mowell Martha Roblee
Board Member
Judy Lotas

lotas [at] lwvnc.org

Board Member
Sandra Mowell

mowell [at] lwvnc.org

Board Member
Martha Roblee

roblee [at] lwvnc.org


Email entire board: board [at] lwvnc.org