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LWV has long been a trusted source of objective and nonpartisan election information. Since 2006, has served tens of millions of voters. By entering one’s home address on, voters can see ballot questions they will be voting on, compare candidate responses to League questions, and much more! Behind the scenes, LWVNC members work to get the most up-to-date election information – including candidates' questionnaires – on the site in a timely manner. 

Voter usage of VOTE411 builds each year. During the 2020 primary, voters in 24 counties – representing 56,193 unique users and 79,970 website sessions – utilized the site. Compare that to the 2016 primary, when five local leagues added information to VOTE411 so that 18,830 unique users could learn over the course of 26,454 website sessions. Our statistics show that 58-64% of users use the site in the final week before an election. 

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The 2020 Election 

In 2020, LWVNC and will cover the following elections: 

  • Statewide – Governor, US Senate, NC Council of State, Supreme Court, Court of Appeals  
  • US House –  all 13 districts
  • NC Senate – 30 out of 49 districts
  • NC House – 70 out of 120 districts 
  • NC District Court Judges
  • County Commissions
  • Boards of Education 
  • Soil & Water Commissions
  • Any other local elections off-cycle;  Register of Deeds, Mayor & Town Council

Our 2020 Timeline

Through June 2020 – we will contact current candidates for information

July – we will contact Soil and Water candidates after their filing deadline passes 

Early August – the full site will be live, and we will start promoting it 

Oct. 15 – Early Voting starts

Nov. 3 – Election Day 

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Help Us Spread the Word 

  • There is no “best way” to promote VOTE411 – word of mouth, social media, printed promotional materials, billboards, U.S. mail all work
  • College students have reported they like posters and flyers that keep the name in front of them
  • You need to know your local market – where do people get their news?
  • Who can you partner with to get the word out?
  • Different media can be more effective at different times; i.e. bookmarks passed out early to keep; billboards in month before election;  radio spots the week before election
  • The most expensive tactics should be used at the last minute when the majority of people use the site – our statistics indicate that 58-64% of users log on during the final week before Election Day
  • Check out this excellent VOTE411 video. (Here is the Spanish version.)  
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Voting in 2020

Frequently Asked Questions

Many North Carolinians are concerned about voting this year amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Do you have questions about voting this year? Check out this page from LWVNC for answers to the most frequenlty asked questions.