Law Enforcement Practices

Law Enforcement Practices

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Across the country, we witnessed communities’ reactions to the murder of George Floyd and the countless other Black lives lost as a result of the continuing injustice and racial inequities in our criminal justice system. Perceived racial profiling and poor use of force have resulted in demands for change that include independent citizen oversight and community participation in the development of law enforcement policy.


The League believes that no person should suffer legal discrimination and that the government should be responsive to the will of the people. We also believe a democratic government depends upon the informed and active participation of its citizens. Looking to these League principles, the LWVNC formed a Law Enforcement Practices Working Group (“LEPWG”) to educate our members and the public on law enforcement practices, including hiring standards, training, and community oversight. As a result, delegates at the 2021 LWVNC Convention adopted, via concurrence, a position on law enforcement practices with an emphasis on building public trust and positive community relationships with their local law enforcement agencies.


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