We need your help as we gear up for 2024.

We need your help as we gear up for 2024.

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Dear Members and Friends of the League,
Democracy is enduring an unrelenting string of stress tests. In response, our League members from the mountains to the coast are more resolved than ever to defend democracy by empowering voters. 
We all know what is in store in 2024. It is going to be a pivotal year. That’s why we're gearing up to take action on voting rights, fair districts, funding for public education, reproductive rights, and more. 

Heading into a pivotal election season, we will be investing hundreds of volunteer hours to support the League’s one-stop-shop for non-partisan election information, VOTE411.org. Our voter information website just turned 17, and in those years it has helped millions of people research candidates and cast their ballots.

We will grow our team monitoring County Board of Election meetings throughout the state. We will work to counter misinformation and disinformation, and we must do more to help women and minorities become leaders and run for office in their communities.

We are a small but mighty volunteer organization. Our achievements are made possible by your contributions, which assist us in making our programs come alive.

We are asking for your help to further our mission. Please take time and partner with us! Please go to our website and donate whatever you can. Even a $25 gift can go a long way toward helping us print materials or host a candidate forum or educational event. Or send your contribution to our office address: LWVNC, 3509 Haworth Drive, Suite 206, Raleigh, NC, 27609. 
Another way you can chip in? If you're not already a member, become one! Whether you can dedicate hours as a League volunteer is up to you; simply joining is a great way to demonstrate your support for a non-partisan organization that has had a strong presence in our state for many decades. Our various local Leagues are listed here. If there isn’t one in your neck of the woods, you can become a member of LWVNC for $44/year for an individual or $66/year for two memberships in the same household.  
Thank you for helping us as we ensure every voter can make their voice heard – and that our laws and policies reflect our values and beliefs. 


Jennifer McMillan Rubin
President, LWVNC 

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