Adolescent Sleep Health

Adolescent Sleep Health

Sleep Health

A lack of sleep is taking a toll on teen health, safety, and learning. Our position promotes "healthy school hours" for all students based on adolescent sleep research. Too-early school start times are a national public health concern with consequences impacting children, families, and the community at large. Besides forcing many children to walk and drive to school in pre-dawn darkness, these hours are creating a generation deprived of the sleep that growing brains and bodies require. 

Why it matters

Research has shown the importance of restoring traditional school start times for adolescents. Medical experts include:


What we’re doing

Our League is a founding member of the Regional Adolescent Sleep Needs Coalition (RASNC) a community-based group dedicated to raising awareness of the nationally identified public health concern of chronic adolescent sleep deprivation and advocating for the accompanying nationally universally recommended medical solutions, including the establishment of healthy school hours.

Coalition members include school board members, school parents, school administrators, medical professionals and a variety of other concerned citizen stakeholders from the five shoulder counties of Philadelphia. Coalition members are on the advisory committee of the Joint State Government Commission of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to conduct a study of issues, benefits and options related to instituting a later start time to the school day in secondary schools. 

Our Coalition is part of the National Start School Later movement and we maintain the Coalition website

What can you do

For additional information contact our League Member, Anne Mosakowski