Fair Maps for Wisconsin

Fair maps Wisconsin 1.18

In January, the 37th Wisconsin county passed a resolution for Fair Maps. That means MORE THAN HALF of all Wisconsin counties—representing 64% of Wisconsinites—have formally asked the state to end gerrymandering and adopt a nonpartisan process for drawing our election maps.

So why haven’t Senator Devin LeMahieu and WI State Representative Kathy Bernier held public hearings on nonpartisan redistricting bills SB13 and AB44? Call and write them to demand a public hearing before the current legislative session ends this spring.

• State Senator Devin LeMahieu, (608) 266-2056

• Representative Kathy Bernier, (608) 266-9172

Sample statement: “My name is {name} from {city, zip}. I am calling to insist that you hold a public hearing on the nonpartisan redistricting proposal SB 13/AB 44 before the end of session. Wisconsin voters deserve fair election maps. Thank you.”

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