Annual Meeting 2018

2018 LWV WI Annual Meeting

Thanks to all who attended the 2018 Annual Meeting in Oshkosh. With more than 140 attendees and all 20 Leagues represented, we really got a sense of the breadth and depth of the League activity in Wisconsin. Attendees were also informed by our guest speakers on a range of issues including racial justice, public education, redistricting, and prison reform. It was amazing how many times the Friday evening's keynote speaker Tracey Robertson's presentation was brought up again in conversations on Saturday. That speaks volumes to the power of her words.

Thank you to the remarkable members of the LWV of Winnebago County for hosting the event with great attentiveness and creativity and raising over $1,000 in silent auction and wine sales for the LWV WI Centennial Fund! To those of you who served as panelists in the breakout sessions, thank you for being leaders in your respective initiatives and for stepping up to share best practices to the benefit of all. To League members who staffed and visited the League Exchange rooms, thank you for making our ideas sharing experiment a positive new experience. And to all League members who attended, discussed ideas and challenges, met new friends, asked great questions, listened, and thoughtfully contributed, thank you for being there. Gathering together strengthens our unity as a statewide League.

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