Ballot Bulletin: Absentee Voting/Vote by Mail

Ballot Bulletin: Absentee Voting/Vote by Mail

Ballot Bulletin: Absentee Voting
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Ballot Bulletin: Absentee Voting

Time for another #BallotBulletin where we highlight various election security topics so we know about the processes in place to ensure our elections are fair, accessible, and secure. This week is absentee voting!

Absentee voting or mail-in voting is a convenient and secure way to cast a ballot. Here in Wisconsin, any eligible voter can take advantage of absentee voting — no excuse needed!

Election officials take lots of steps to ensure your absentee vote in Wisconsin is secure. When a voter first submits their absentee ballot request, the clerk verifies that they are an eligible, registered voter and reviews their acceptable photo ID before processing their request.

Once the request is approved, the clerk initials both the voter’s ballot and their absentee ballot certificate. They then add the USPS smart tracking bar code to the mailing envelope. 

These steps help ensure the chain of custody as the ballot moves through the postal service to the voter.

Once the voter receives their ballot, they must vote in the presence of a witness. The job of the witness is to sign and address the absentee ballot certificate, verifying that the voter was the one to complete their ballot (unless they require assistance due to a disability). The voter also signs the certificate to affirm that they completed their ballot.

After the absentee ballot is returned to the clerk’s office, election officials review the absentee ballot certificate to ensure that the envelope is sealed, the absentee ballot certificate is complete, and the clerk's initials are present.

Clerks track every ballot issued to prevent double voting and balance the number of absentee ballots received against the number of voters who requested an absentee ballot. >> Read previous Ballot Bulletins

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