League in the Spotlight: LWV of Beloit

League in the Spotlight: LWV of Beloit

League in the Spotlight Beloit
Member's Spotlight

LWV BELOIT recently held their Annual Meeting which included a riveting presentation on the criminal justice system in Wisconsin given jointly by the Presidents of the Beloit Justice Overcoming Borders and the NAACP Beloit Chapter. The League also took the opportunity to present two well deserved Making Democracy Work awards.

Daksha Joshi Howard, Office for Inclusive Living and Learning Coordinator for Beloit College, was the recipient of the League’s Making Democracy Work Community Award for her exceptional work with Beloit College students and the Beloit community in educating everyone on the importance of voting and encouraging political participation. Outgoing President Bette Carr was the recipient of the Joyce Schoenfield Making Democracy Work Award for her skillful and admirable leadership in the Beloit League.

LWVUS promotes the Making Democracy Work Award to honor the civic work of in local communities. The award is meant to highlight the often unsung leaders who, through their professional work or volunteerism, are actively engaged in affecting positive change in their local community. The award framework is a tool to expand League outreach, increase visibility, and strengthen community alliances.

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