League in the Spotlight: LWV Door County

League in the Spotlight: LWV Door County


LWV DOOR COUNTY has long believed in “shining a spotlight” on government because we believe that “watched government is better government.” We do it with our Observer Corps – League members who are willing to adopt a local body of government or one of its committees and attend their meetings regularly. Observers learn how local government does business, what issues it deals with, and monitors its compliance with the Open Meetings Law.

The size of Door County’s Corps waxes and wanes depending on the year and members’ interests and availability but since 2006, there has been a continual League presence at various local government meetings. Members choose to watch bodies they are interested in, particularly if important current issues are being discussed. Currently, our observers have been attending Sturgeon Bay’s Common Council meetings and Door County Board of Supervisors meetings and committees. Our Observer Corps program increases our visibility and understanding of how local government works and alerts us to possible action. We have been asked to serve on committees, for our support on various issues and other collaborations because of our involvement. One of our observers describes it best, “My husband and I joined the LWVDC Observer Corps because it offers a visible and active way to make a difference for the community by standing abreast of issues of citizen concern and interest.”

For more information on the LWV Door County Observer Corps program click here.  To view the LWVUS resource guide on forming an Observer Corps, Observing Your Government in Action, click here.

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