League in the Spotlight: LWV of Janesville & LWV of Beloit

Member's Spotlight
LWV of JANESVILLE & LWV of BELOIT recently co-sponsored a fundraising event held in honor of Susan B. Anthony’s February 15 (1820) birthday and her life’s work as a women’s rights activist.  Guest speaker Rick Daniels, Director of Campus Inclusion at Oakton Community College, addressed issues related to race, social justice, and unconscious bias to emphasize why assaults on voting rights we experience today cannot be ignored.  The 26-year old Susan B. Anthony Birthday Party event, which links Anthony’s legacy with current voting rights issues, serves to keep both alive in the minds of Rock County residents. The annual event was originally sponsored by the Janesville Women’s History Committee for the purpose of raising funds for the Susan B. Anthony Historic Site in Rochester, New York.  In 2012, the Janesville and Beloit Leagues assumed co-sponsorship and funds are now directed to local League activities. Bette Carr, President of LWV Beloit stated, “The event alternates sites as the two Leagues take turns hosting and providing the program. It has been a very successful event and a truly educational program, which more recently has included inviting future student voters.”

The Susan B. Anthony Birthday Party is a great example of Leagues partnering to share the responsibility of program planning and strengthen the League’s message.

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