League in the Spotlight: LWV of the La Crosse Area


LWV of the LA CROSSE AREA experienced first hand how collaborating with other advocacy groups can quickly grow voter service activities and heighten League impact. In January, they partnered with several progressive Coulee Region advocacy groups,  collectively known as The Driftless Coalition, in a nonpartisan commitment to boost voter registration. The influx of partnering energy and new in-kind talent resulted in shared financial resources, bolder media strategies, and targeted voter outreach in low-voter neighborhoods and at cultural festivals. A local foundation helped fund 300 “Everyone Vote! 2018” yard signs and 100 GOTV posters, which were distributed throughout the region. So far, the Driftless Voter Coalition and the La Crosse League have trained 100 voter registration volunteers and held about 30 registration events in the last two months alone. “In total, we project that our collaboration will result in over 800 voters registered in the Coulee Region and hundreds more reminded to vote through informal conversations and information sharing,” says La Crosse Area League President Deb Lutjen. Click here to read the full article and “Like” the “Everyone Vote” facebook page here.

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