League in the Spotlight: LWV Sheboygan County

Member's Spotlight

LWV SHEBOYGAN COUNTY continues to feel great pride in having achieved national recognition as a local League chapter in Wisconsin just last fall. It wasn’t long ago that they were a loosely knit group of concerned citizens wanting to make a difference. They sought guidance from the League and, in the process, used its organizational structure grounded in a nonpartisan ethic, to channel their activism and passion in impactful ways. On their journey to official League recognition, they held voter services events and public forums on issues such as community health, voter quality, and fair maps. 

Now they’re a League of their own and a partnering League on the Enhancing Diversity Through Community Alliances initiative. “Of course, our focus is to register and educate all eligible voters in our county,” stated LWV Sheboygan County President Lauren Hofland, “but we want to go one step further. We feel strongly that the only way to be relevant is to represent the community we serve. Our goal is to build a community organization that looks like the community, and--in the process--to build community." That’s a powerful and inspiring message to all of us and especially to Members at Large thinking of forming a League of their own.

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