League in the Spotlight: LWV of the Stevens Point Area

Member's Spotlight

LWV of the STEVENS POINT AREA recently employed an innovative approach to outreach by adopting the “speed dating” model of social networking at a Meet Your League event. After coffee, donuts and brief introductions of League team members, League members and nonmembers spread out to tables manned by committee chairs and active Leaguers involved in communications, school issues, LWV positions, a poverty study, the Observer Corps, Interleague organizations, and how to run for public office. Groups rotated tables after a set period of time and the event ended with a follow-up, informal social networking session. The event successfully brought awareness of the League’s multifaceted work to everyone present in a dynamic and engaging manner that values one-on-one relationship building. And, a free membership was offered as a door prize! “Our Meet Your League event generated new members, serving as one of our most successful recruitment activities,” reported League Voter Service Coordinator Andrea Musch.

The next time you want to bring awareness to your League’s work, the Stevens Point Area League encourages you to try speed networking. They’d be happy to share more specifics on how they structured their unique meet and greet event.

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