League in the Spotlight: LWV of Whitewater Area

Member's Spotlight

LWV WHITEWATER AREA has been raising high their VOTE VOTE VOTE banner over Main Street for every election for the past several decades and Whitewater citizens have come to expect and appreciate this community-wide election notice. The practice was started in a pre-digital age by one of the League’s now lifetime members, Gloria Weigandt, who hand-painted the first banner scrolled out on her kitchen floor with the help of her husband Bob. That banner lasted for years but was recently replaced in honor of the proud public relations tradition it represents. The Whitewater League is the only community organization not charged for banner space rental over Main Street because the VOTE/Election Day message is viewed as a service to the City Clerk’s office. “Banner painting is an assigned task within the League and the member in charge not only repaints the date before each election but also schedules the hang dates with city officials. It’s a great example of a low tech, high impact messaging platform that serves to inform voters and get out the vote,” says LWV Whitewater Vice President Mary Beth Byrne.

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