League in the Spotlight: National Voter Registration Day

Member's Spotlight

This week we'd like to lift up the collective work of all the local Leagues throughout Wisconsin that are enthusiastically revving up their voter registration education and assistance strategies for National Voter Registration Day on Tuesday, September 25. First observed in 2012 as a national holiday, National Voter Registration Day is designed to draw attention to the major responsibility of citizenship - voting - by heightening citizen awareness of voter registration, the pathway to voting. On September 25, local League members will have a presence on college campuses, high schools, and other public spaces in their communities. LWV Greater Chippewa Valley is planning voter registration assistance events at a public park, bookstore, cafe, and two regional high schools. LWV Upper St. Croix Valley will be spending six hours at six different regional libraries doing the same. These are just two examples of how local Leagues will be out in force, united in purpose, helping eligible voters walk the path to voter registration. Forward all toward a successful National Voter Registration Day!

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