Plan Ahead. Stay Safe. Make Your Voice Heard on Election Day: 8 Things Every Voter Should Know About Absentee and Early Voting in Wisconsin

Plan Ahead. Stay Safe. Make Your Voice Heard on Election Day: 8 Things Every Voter Should Know About Absentee and Early Voting in Wisconsin


Note: Your Absentee Ballot will need to be postmarked by April 7 and received by your clerk by April 13 to be counted.  

[MADISON, WI] - With April 7, the day of the Spring Election and Presidential Primary, quickly approaching and evolving concerns for public health and safety in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the League of Women Voters of Wisconsin is encouraging all voters to learn more about their absentee and early voting options. 

Those in high risk categories and students who will not be on campus on April 7, especially, please plan ahead and take advantage of absentee voting when possible.

8 Things Every Voter Should Know About Absentee and Early Voting in Wisconsin

  1. No excuses needed. Any registered voter in Wisconsin can request an absentee ballot from their municipal clerk.

  2. Voting absentee is easy and convenient.

  3. How to request an absentee ballot. Voters can make their request online at the MyVote website, or by requesting one from their municipal clerk by mail, email, or fax. Find your municipal clerk’s contact information here.

  4. Plan ahead. Make your request well before the deadline (April 2). When you make your request, let your clerk know where you want your absentee ballot sent. For example, students who are registered to vote at their campus address, can choose to have their absentee ballot sent to their home address. Plan ahead - think about where you’ll be when your ballot arrives to ensure you’ll be there to receive it and give yourself enough time to return it.

  5. Photo ID requirements. You must include a copy of your photo ID along with your request (unless your municipal clerk already has one on file because you have voted absentee recently from your current address). For those making their request online, it's as simple as taking a picture of your license, passport or valid ID on your phone and uploading it to the site. Get in touch with your municipal clerk if you need assistance getting a copy of your photo ID to them. (Note: Indefinitely confined, military, and overseas voters are exempt from the photo ID requirement.)

    Anyone who is following instructions from the state and health officials to stay home, and thus cannot vote in person because of COVID-19, may request an absentee ballot without providing a photo ID if they mark on the form that they are indefinitely confined to home when making their request. 

  6. Instructions on how to complete your ballot. Voters who request an absentee ballot will be sent instructions on how to complete their absentee ballot. Be sure to follow the instructions to ensure your ballot is counted.

  7. Deadline to return your ballot. Your completed absentee ballot must be delivered no later than 8pm on Election Day. The U.S. Postal Service recommends you mail back your absentee ballot at least one week before Election Day to arrive in time.

  8. Early Voting Options. You may vote early in person - at your municipal clerk's office or another site designated by your clerk. Dates and hours for early voting vary by municipality. Contact your municipal clerk to find out your local opportunities to early vote.

More information on how to absentee or early vote is available from the Wisconsin Elections Commission. Information about COVID-19 and how to limit your risk of exposure is available from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Remember: Plan ahead. Stay safe. Make your voice heard on Election Day. 


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