Fair Maps Toolkit

Fair Maps Toolkit

White graphic with slogan "End Gerrymandering" in blue letters on top, and "Every vote must count" in yellow letters over a blue rectangle below.


Fair Maps is an independent, nonpartisan district map drawing process that ensures meaningful elections in which all votes cast are counted.

Based on changes in population after every Census, the U.S. Constitution requires state legislatures to redraw voting district lines for state and federal representative districts. District lines are to be drawn primarily based on population equality, compactness and contiguity of districts, representation of diverse populations and recognition of community interests, but gerrymandering is often used in the process.

Gerrymandering is the drawing of district maps to give political advantage to a particular group. In the year maps are drawn, the political party in power often uses gerrymandering to their advantage and to the disadvantage of the other party.

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Fair Maps Images

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Fighting for Democracy: Fair Maps in Wisconsin

Video provided by the Wiscosin Farmer's Union

Gerrymandering, Explained

VIdeo produced by the Washington Post

What is Gerrymandering?

Watch this video, by the Bertelsmann Foundation, to learn more about the origins of Gerrymandering, and how the partisan map-drawing process continues to impact our democractic processes.