Local Races

Local Races

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Why Local Elections Matter

  1. Local government make decisions that directly affect our local communities. They are directly responsible to you and your neighbors. They make decisions on - public transit, school quality, affordable housing, policing and public safety, sanitation, water quality, job training programs, and more. And decide where millions of local tax dollars are spent.

  2. Many municipalities are leaders on issues like environmental sustainability, public health, and job creation. Policies that aren’t getting national attention can get traction on the local level.

  3. Local elected officials represent fewer people, and therefore typically more responsive to your personal/community’s needs and interests.

  4. Local officials are supposed to represent the majority, but if only a fraction of voters vote them in, then only a small part of the community’s interests are represented. Higher voter turnout during local elections can make our local representatives more reflective of and responsive to the communities they represent.


Local Candidate Information

Local League of Women Voters Chapters provide candidate information for local races on VOTE411.org. Local Leagues participating include:

  • LWV of Appleton
  • LWV of Ashland/Bayfield Counties
  • LWV of Dane County
  • LWV of Greater Chippewa Valley
  • LWV of Greater Green Bay
  • LWV of Janesville
  • LWV of the La Crosse Area
  • LWV of Milwaukee County
  • LWV of the Northwoods
  • LWV of the Whitewater Area
  • LWV of Winnebago County
  • LWVMC Waukesha County Branch

2020 Fall Elections Races Covered by a local League:

  • Bayfield County Treasurer
  • Bayfield County Clerk
  • Barron City Fair Maps Referendum
  • Dane County District Attorney
  • Dane County Clerk
  • Dane County Treasurer
  • Dane County Register of Deeds
  • Deerfield Community School District Referendum
  • Dunn County Question 1 Fair Mapping Referendum
  • Dunn County Question 2 Solid Waste Levy Limit Referendum
  • Florence District Attorney
  • Florence County Treasurer
  • Florence County Register of Deeds
  • Forest County District Attorney
  • Forest County Treasurer
  • Forest County Register of Deeds
  • Jefferson County District Attorney
  • Jefferson County Clerk
  • Jefferson County Register of Deeds
  • Langlade County Treasurer
  • Langlade County Clerk
  • Langlade County Register of Deeds
  • Lincoln County Clerk
  • Lincoln County District Attorney
  • Lincoln County Register of Deeds
  • Lincoln County Treasurer
  • Madison Metropolitan School District Question 1
  • Madison Metropolitan School District Question 2
  • Milwaukee County District Attorney
  • Milwaukee County Clerk
  • Milwaukee County Treasurer
  • Milwaukee County Register of Deeds
  • Monona Grove School District Referendum
  • Oneida County District Attorney
  • Oneida County Clerk
  • Oneida County Register of Deeds
  • Oneida County Treasurer
  • Rock County Clerk
  • Rock County District Attorney
  • Rock County Treasurer
  • Rock County Register of Deeds
  • Sawyer County Clerk
  • Vilas County Clerk
  • Vilas County District Attorney
  • Vilas County Registrar of Deeds
  • Vilas County Surveyor
  • Vilas County Treasurer
  • Walworth County District Attorney
  • Walworth County Register of Deeds
  • Walworth County Treasurer
  • Walworth County Clerk
  • Waukesha County District Attorney
  • Waukesha County Clerk
  • Waukesha County Treasurer
  • Waukesha County Register of Deeds
  • Waunakee Community School District Referendum
  • Winnebago County Clerk
  • Winnebago County Treasurer
  • Winnebago County District Attorney
  • Winnebago Register of Deeds
  • Wisconsin Heights School District Referendum

More will be published on VOTE411 soon. Find your personalized ballot at VOTE411.org/ballot