National Popular Vote Interstate Compact Toolkit

National Popular Vote Interstate Compact Toolkit


The National Popular Vote Interstate Commerce (NPVIC) is an agreement between states to assure the election of the President of the United States by the national popular vote.  It will become activated when states accounting for 240 electoral votes pass the law. We are only 74 electoral votes away. Wisconsin would add 10. NPVIC ensures that every vote, in every state, counts in electing the president.  

Our Toolkit has background information for League members, as well as materials for presentations to your communities.

The NPV toolkit will assist to: 

  1. Educate yourself; 
  2. Educate other League of Women Voters members;
  3. Educate your communities; and
  4. Advocate for the passage of the National Popular Vote Bill in our Wisconsin Legislature.

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Toolkit Background and FAQ Materials

This section contains detailed, comprehensive information intended to be used by League members to educate themselves.

Materials for Presentations

Below are materials you can download and use with your presentations.  It contains a slide presentation explaining the weaknesses in the current “winner take all” electoral votes system and how joining the interstate compact for the national popular vote would, without a Constitutional Amendment and through the Electoral College system, guarantee the presidency to the candidate who wins the most popular votes nationally. It also contains handouts, a quiz (with answers), video links and templates for NPV materials such as stickers, banners and signs.

Presentation Log - When you have given a NPV presentation, please log your information on this form so we can have an overview of the breadth of our NPV education and share comments.