Take Action on PFAS

Take Action on PFAS

PFAS Call To Action over photo of hand holding water

Clean Water for Wisconsin

More than a quarter of Wisconsinites rely on private wells for their drinking water, but they don’t have the resources to ensure those wells are free from PFAS contamination. PFAS are tied to serious health risks including cancer, liver damage, decreased fertility, increased risk of thyroid disease, and growth, learning, and behavior impairment. 

SB312 is the legislation needed to distribute the $125M reserved in the state budget for testing and remediation of PFAS. The way the bill is written will seriously hamper the Department of Natural Resources's ability to test and remediate. Additionally, the bill does not hold polluters accountable for the mess they created — as has been guaranteed by the Wisconsin Spills Law for nearly 40 years. 

Act now to contact your Legislators and ask that SB312 be amended to remove these dangerous poison pills that greatly weaken this bill.