Voting FAQs (Answers to Frequently Asked Questions)

Who can vote?

  • You must be a United States citizen, age 18 or older by Election Day, and live at your current address for at least 10 days before the election.
  • You must be registered to vote (see Voter Registration below).
  • Former felons can vote if they have completed their sentence, including probation, parole, or extended supervision by the Department of Corrections (also called being “off paper”).
  • You must have a valid voter photo ID to vote at the polling place and to obtain some absentee ballots (see Voter Photo ID).

What if you don't have a photo ID acceptable for voting?

  • If you are eligible to vote but do not have a valid voter photo ID, you may obtain a free Wisconsin ID card for voting (see Voter Photo ID).

Where do you vote?

  • Your polling place is determined by the municipality of your permanent residence. For example, your mailing address may be Madison, but your municipality may be the Town of Dunn.
  • Search for your polling place online or call your municipal clerk.
  • Students may vote from their family home address if that is their permanent residence, or from their school residence. See Voting Absentee by Mail (above) if away during an election.
  • If you have lived at your current residence for less than 10 days, vote at your old address.

What if you can’t get to the polling place on Election Day?

  • You can vote absentee.
  • You do not need a reason for absentee voting.
  • Request a mailed absentee ballot from your city, town, or village clerk in writing by mail, fax, or e-mail.
  • Elderly and disabled individuals can request a permanent absentee ballot.
  • You may vote early in person—at the clerk’s office or another site designated by the clerk. Dates and hours for early voting may vary, so check with your local clerk. 

What if you are in the hospital? (See Voting Absentee)

  • Each hospitalized voter can request a ballot (in writing), and the voter may appoint an agent to pick up the ballot from the hospitalized voter’s clerk’s office. Contact your local clerk. If you know you will be in the hospital, request a regular absentee ballot in advance.

How do you register to vote?

  • Register to vote in Wisconsin online here.
  • Registrese para votar en Wisconsin aqui.
  • By mail up to 20 days before Election Day.
  • In person at your municipal clerk’s office until the Friday before Election Day.
  • At your polling location on Election Day when you go to vote.
  • Keep in mind...
  • You must present proof of residence to register to vote when registering in person or by mail (see PROOF OF RESIDENCE, below).
  • You must register again if you move.
  • If you have been issued a WI driver’s license or WI DOT-issued ID that is current and valid, you must provide the number and expiration date. If you have not been issued a WI driver’s license or WI DOT-issued ID, you must provide the last 4 digits of your Social Security number.