LWVNC Releases Educational Video on What the Post-Election Process Entails

LWVNC Releases Educational Video on What the Post-Election Process Entails

Graphic what happens after you vote in North Carolina

Raleigh, NC, Aug. 24, 2022 – The League of Women Voters of North Carolina has released a video that explains the post-election process, to further voters’ understanding of how ballots are counted and how election results become official in the days after the polls close. The objective of the video – as well as a YouTube playlist consisting of excerpts from the longer video – is to help citizens feel confident in the election process and to counter messaging that causes voters to doubt the integrity of the elections process.

Most North Carolinians are familiar with what voting looks like – they know about the various voting opportunities that are presented before and on Election Day; they have seen a sample ballot, and they have likely interacted with a poll worker. 

But to have full confidence in our elections, it’s crucial to understand: 

-  the safeguards in place to prevent double voting

-  the tools that the N.C. State Board of Elections utilizes – such as BallotTrax – so that voters can track their ballot

-  the ways in which ballots cast before Election Day are processed prior to the closing of the polls on Election Day

-  the opportunities for North Carolinians to take part in the transparent process of tabulating votes

-  the intricacies of the post-election canvass process, when the election results are checked and finalized. 

Knowing that the best protection for any election system is the vigilance and participation of voters, the League wanted to cover these topics in a video, with the hopes that the factual and helpful information contained within would be shared far and wide.

“Election disinformation and misinformation are taking root,” said Marian Lewin, 1st VP of the League of Women Voters of North Carolina. “This cynicism and distrust are forms of voter suppression. Democracy simply cannot function in the absence of voter confidence. The truth is: Many safeguards are in place to ensure that voters’ voices are heard, and that our elections are free and fair. It’s important that voters are aware of the lengths our election workers go to in order to protect the integrity of our elections.”  

Local Leagues from the mountains to the coast are developing plans to amplify the video and the facts it contains by partnering with community groups between now and Election Day on Nov. 8. (This promotional flyer complements the content of the video.) Additionally, the League is encouraging North Carolinians – League members or not – to observe county Board of Elections meetings and report what they witness using an easy-to-use form on the LWVNC website. It’s often the smaller of the state’s 100 counties that are most in need of meeting attendees. Some of these meetings can be streamed virtually. The League offers more information about when these meetings are held and what observers should look for on its site

The League of Women Voters of North Carolina is a grassroots nonpartisan organization dedicated to encouraging citizens’ participation in government and understanding of important issues through education and advocacy. The League of Women Voters neither endorses nor opposes political parties or candidates for office.

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