VOTE411 and Voter Services

VOTE411 and Voter Services


The League of Women Voters has long been a trusted source of objective and nonpartisan election information. Since 2006, has served tens of millions of voters. By entering one’s home address on, voters can see what’s on their ballot, check their voter registration status, find their Election Day polling place, learn about early voting hours and locations, compare candidate responses to League questions, and much more! Behind the scenes, LWVNC members work to get the most up-to-date election information – including candidates' questionnaires – on the site in a timely manner.  

Voters can access the site in English or Spanish, and the traffic to the site builds each year. During the 2022 primary, 12 participating leagues in North Carolina covered 30 counties, 240 races, and about 800 candidates (524 responded; 276 invited/no response). 66% of the invited candidates participated in VOTE411. Of these, 64% of candidates who won their primary race (199) had responded to VOTE411.

During the 2022 primary, VOTE411 assisted 47,767 unique users during 53,621 website sessions. Compare these numbers to the 2018 midterm primary, when 31,296 unique visitors used the site over the course of 34,437 website sessions. 

During the 2020 presidential election, 185,458 unique users utilized VOTE411 for a total of 207,213 website sessions. 

During the 2022 midterms, more than 66,000 unique users utilized VOTE411 for a total of 75,297 website sessions. VOTE411 covered 39 counties for the 2022 general election – 1,249 candidates in 654 races. 

Our statistics show that 58-64% of users use the site in the final week before an election. One voter shared: “I have used the guide since I became an American citizen and started to vote. Thank you for helping me understand the issues important to our community…”

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“ makes finding your polling location a breeze with customizable voting tools. But, it doesn’t stop there at making sure your voting experience is equipped with all the proper knowledge. The League’s site provides sample ballots to show voters what to expect on election day. In addition, it includes detailed information on all candidates and amendments to be voted upon and even provides calendars of voting-related events such as candidates’ public addresses and forums.” – Outer Banks Coastal Life 

The 2020 Election 

In 2020, LWVNC and covered the following elections: 

  • Statewide – Governor, US Senate, NC Council of State, Supreme Court, Court of Appeals  
  • US House –  all 13 districts
  • NC Senate – 30 out of 49 districts
  • NC House – 70 out of 120 districts 
  • NC District Court Judges
  • County Commissions
  • Boards of Education 
  • Soil & Water Commissions
  • Any other local elections off-cycle;  Register of Deeds, Mayor & Town Council


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