VIDEO: What Happens After You Vote In North Carolina?

VIDEO: What Happens After You Vote In North Carolina?

Graphic what happens after you vote in North Carolina

Most of us are pretty familiar with how to vote – whether it’s by an absentee-by-mail ballot, through early voting, or voting in person on election day. We know that during early voting, we can select any polling place in our county – but on election day, we must go to our assigned polling place.

We also know that we can use online resources – like the League of Women Voters’ nonpartisan voter guide, – to learn more about candidates, get early voting hours and locations within our county, check our voter registration, and more.

But what happens after we vote? What does the tabulation process look like? Who does it involve? It’s more important than ever that North Carolinians understand this process. Where do our election results come from? Election disinformation and misinformation are taking root. This cynicism and distrust are forms of voter suppression. Democracy simply cannot function in the absence of voter confidence. The truth is: Many safeguards are in place to ensure that voters’ voices are heard, and that our elections are free and fair.

In this video, we go over the process so that viewers can better understand how this all works in the days leading up to and following an election. Then, armed with this knowledge, viewers can help inform fellow community members.

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