Public Education

Public Education

The League of Women Voters of North Carolina supports provision of secure, sufficient and equitable educational opportunities for all.
Position In Brief: 


The LWVNC Public Education League Action Team was initiated in the fall of 2016.  Following statewide meetings on advocacy, a state LWVNC Council and Convention, and more recently regional council meetings, a Public Education Action Team consisting of representatives from 12 local Leagues has formed. The purpose of the LAT is to bring a systematic and systemic approach to shared interests and concerns related to public education by developing connections that enhance statewide communications.  Representative team conference calls and regional meetings have been conducted and will continue to be scheduled.

The LWVNC public education policy position has not been revised for several years, thereby not fully representing the challenges and issues confronting today's public schools statewide and locally.  The LWV NC Public Education Action Team determined that an updated statewide policy position on public education is essential and have drafted the following positions:


Position History: 

Approved by LWV NC Education LAT and Board Jan. 2017

Proposed Education Policy Positions:

The League of Women Voters of North Carolina:

  1. Believes that full access to a PK-12 public education that prepares individuals for their future as global citizens, is a basic right and should not be subject to discrimination on the basis of race, religion, ethnicity, sex, gender identity, geography, socio-economic class, linguistic differences, or disability.
  2. Supports provision of secure, sufficient and equitable state funding that accomplishes the following:
    1. Full funding of birth-K programs for all children including inclusive education and appropriate services for those with health, learning, language, physical, social, emotional challenges and other special needs.
    2. Sufficient and appropriate resources to promote continuous student growth and achievement PK-12 including:
      1. safe, secure and sufficient space for all general and specialized classrooms, programs and services across all grades;
      2. manageable class sizes and caseloads that allow for differentiated instruction and student services PK-12;
      3. sufficient and equitable access for all students to up to date instructional resources;
      4. pay scales and benefits that attract and sustain sufficient numbers of qualified classroom teachers, pupil services professionals, administrators, and support personnel.
      5. Working conditions and school cultures that respect professionalism and promote educator and administrator effectiveness including: ongoing professional learning, salaries competitive with the national average, access to up to date and sufficient classroom equipment and materials; evaluation systems that reflect the complexity of teaching and learning.
      6. An equitable, meaningful and viable method for evaluating all public schools - including charter schools supported by taxpayer money- developed using input from a balanced representative body including public school superintendents.
  3. Supports holding all schools and entities that receive public funds to the same educational accountability and transparency standards as traditional public schools.
  4. Opposes shifting public dollars to private and for profit entities: this includes vouchers, tax credits, scholarships or other use of public tax dollars to fund private and parochial school (real or virtual) attendance.
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