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LWV WI response to Attorney General Comments on Voter Photo ID Law

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LWV of GREATER GREEN BAY partnered with Delta Sigma Theta Sorority durin

Andrea Kaminski gives the League statement

To:           Senate Committee on Elections and Utilities 

Re:           Opposition to AB 947 Senate Substitute Amendment 1

Press Mention

On Wednesday, organizations of the Fair Elections Project of Wisconsin held a Maps Madness event at the state Capitol. Attending for LWV WI were former Executive Director, Andrea Kaminski, and intern Sam Hutchison.

Public Statement

March 7, 2018

To:  Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

Re:  City of Racine water diversion proposal

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LWV SHEBOYGAN COUNTY continues to feel great pride in having achieved national recognition as a local League chapter

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LWV MANITOWOC COUNTY experienced a dramatic ripple effect of programming last month when, after sponsoring an issues forum, “Facing Hunger in Manitowoc County: The Growing Challenge,” a local endowment fund reacted by launching a fundraiser in sup


We agree with Governor Walker that employment in jobs that pay a living wage is the most effective means for families to move out of poverty and become vital, contributing members of society. However the majority of people in Wisconsin who continue to receive FoodShare and other government benefits are people who already face substantial barriers to improved employment. Increasing the bureaucratic compliance requirements is not the most humane, and certainly not the most efficient, way to help people train and compete for good jobs.


RE: Stop the baseless attacks on Wisconsin Elections Commission Administrator Mike Haas and Wisconsin Ethics Commission Administrator Brian Bell, and give them a public hearing.