Virtual Programming

Virtual Programming

With the Coronavirus pandemic altering every aspect of our lives - including how we organize and educate around voting and government issues - many Leagues across Wisconsin have adapted to hosting events and meetings virtually. This not only allows for events hosted by local Leagues to be attended by many beyond a League's jurisdiction; it also allows for programming to be recorded, saved and viewed at another time.

This page will serve as a resource for local Leagues to use when searching for past virtual programming. Future events are posted on our events calendar.

If you would like your future and/or past programming to be shared on our events calendar or virtual programming page, please contact Morgan Grunow, communications manager, at mgrunow [at]

Our virtual programming is divided by our formal positions. Click on the graphics below to find what programming is available.

square graphic that says "GOVERNMENT" with a government building below.


square graphic that says "NATURAL RESOURCES" with a tree below” and a purple border around the graphic.


square graphic that says "Social Policy" with a document below and a purple border around the graphic.