Growing Green

Growing Green

On April 27, 2021 our League hosted an educational forum, Growing Green: vegetables, native plants, and healthy yardsWe had 67 registrations including some members and interest from people across the south shore.

In case you missed it, here is our video Growing Green link 

Our panel Jon Belber, Todd Breitenstein, and Kristen Nicholson packed in useful information on how to approach our vegetable gardens, lawns, and native plants sustainably. Check out the attached resources too!

 Feel free to share with neighbors and friends as we all try to protect our environment and stay healthy! To think we held our first organic lawn care forum in 2008?

Great effort by our team Vanessa Peregrine, Kate Boland, Nina Wellford, and Celia Nolan.




Holly Hill Farm - a great source of organic produce, as well as seeds and soil. Farm store and summer camp programs also available.

Blue Stem Natives - a women-owned New England native plant nursery

The Grateful Garden - consultation and resources for greening your yard and garden

Sustainable South Shore - advocacy group helping residents protect the environment and livesustainable lives

Massachusetts Wild Ones - a native plant garden group located in the South Shore

Wild Seed Project - a great source for native seeds

Prairie Moon - a resource for seeds that is outside of our ecoregion, but has great info and difficult-to-find seeds

Go Botany - great for checking if a plant is native to our area

North and South River Watershed Association - a South Shore association that works to protect water quality. Their gardening expo has a lot of resources for how to green your garden.

Healthy Yards - lots of resources for healthier, more sustainable yards and gardens

Friends of Hingham Land Conservation Trust

Native Plant Trust

The Monarch Gardener

The Caterpillar Lab

National Wildlife Federation

Northeast Organic Farming Association

Homegrown National Park

Hingham Home Composting Program and Virtual Workshop - the Town of Hingham will be offering rodent-resistant home composting bins, limited supply for $25.00. Contact the DPW at (781) 741-1430.

“Carrots Love Tomatoes: Secrets of Companion Planting for Successful Gardening”