Town Meeting

The LWV-Hingham supports measures and opportunities to increase educational practices and facilitate a more inclusive Town Meeting processes to encourage informed, active citizen participation in Town government.
Position History: 

Consensus adopted 2009


  •  Warrant: The LWVH supports disseminating the content of the “working warrant” upon the closing date of the warrant each year to help voters follow articles through various boards’ vetting processes. This includes but is not limited to making the working warrant a public document and having full disclosure of all articles being considered.
  • Town Meeting: The LWVH supports measures to improve the efficiency of Town Meeting and an equitable speaking process which includes but is not limited to:
  1. Eliminating a Town Meeting quorum thereby allowing a timely start.
  2. After a welcome to all voters, an introduction by the Town Moderator of all officials on the dais and recognition of the Advisory Committee as a whole.
  3. Establishing a set procedural process on the floor of Town Meeting where voters can either make statements or ask questions in a timely manner. (i.e. – having designated microphones for speakers including procedural and informational questions of clarifications).
  4. Reducing the speaking time to less than 10 minutes the first time and less than 5 minutes the second time.
  • Town Meeting Information & Resources: The LWVH supports measures to publicize and post pertinent Town Meeting information to keep the public well informed. This includes but is not limited to:
  1. A Town Meeting link on the Hingham Town Website Homepage that provides a section on the full spectrum of information needed to educate voters in Town Meeting practices and procedures; a flow chart of how to submit an article from inception through acceptance as Warrant Article; and information regarding the date, time and location of Town Meeting.
  2. Posting Town Meeting information on the LWVH website to supplement the Town’s website if necessary. (2009)
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