Candidates Forum - Hingham 2020

Candidates Forum - Hingham 2020

2020 Candidates Night

The LWV Hingham Candidates Night was held remotely in June.

The LWV Hingham hosts regular Candidates Nights for Hingham voters to hear from candidates running for local office. Moderator, Elizabeth Foster-Nolan from the LWV of Massachusetts, managed the discussion. Candidates for the two contested elections participated. Each candidate was allowed a one-minute opening statement, two minutes to answer each question, and a one-minute closing statement. 


Board of Selectmen (3-year term)  Vote for One

  • William C. Ramsey
  • Kirk J. Shilts 


School Committee (3-year term)    Vote for Two

  • Michelle Ayer (Candidate for Re-election)
  • Jennifer Benham
  • Stephanie Gertz 

Thank you for watching!

Please vote remotely or on Saturday, June 27, 2020.