To promote the health, productivity and safety of those living, working and learning within the Town, the League of Women Voters of Hingham adopts the goal of making Hingham a sustainable community.
Position History: 

Consensus Adopted May 24, 2006

Toward that end in both the public and private spheres we will support measures including but not limited to:

  • adoption of a guiding Town philosophy that calls for sustainable building and practice,
  • long-term planning to align Town bylaws, policies and practice appropriately to achieve this goal,
  • establishment of sustainability goals and performance standards for major new construction and renovation projects in Hingham
  • use of life cycle costing analysis in project planning for all major municipal capital improvement projects,
  • integration of sustainable design and engineering concepts and collaboration early in the planning process for municipal improvements,
  • stewardship of public resources,
  • adoption of optimized energy performance standards and guidelines and energy conservation and renewable energy strategies,
  • use of environmentally preferable materials in both construction and maintenance,
  • reduction and/or recycling of solid waste,
  • provision of appropriate training for Town employees.
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