2023 Warrant Review

2023 Warrant Review

2023 Warrant Review available for viewing

In order to engage voters early in the Annual Town Meeting legislative process, the LWV Hingham hosts an annual public review of the content of the Annual Town Meeting Warrant.

The presentation provides citizens the opportunity to review Articles and understand the issues before receiving the warrant in the mail. They can then follow up by attending Advisory Committee meetings at which the Advisory Committee will discuss its recommendations for the particular articles in which the citizens are interested.

The LWV Hingham supports the principle that democratic government depends upon informed and active participation of its citizens. This requires that governmental bodies protect the citizen's right to know by giving adequate notice of proposed actions and making public records accessible. In 2011, Hingham voters voted to have the Annual Town Meeting Warrant made available to the public 10 days after the January 20 deadline for article submission, as stated in the Town's bylaws.

For updates on the Town Meeting process, please visit the Advisory Committee web page.

March 2023 -- George Danis, Chair of the Advisory Committee, reviews the warrant articles under consideration for the 2023 Hingham Open Town Meeting.