League Timeline

League Timeline

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  • Mary Jackman Colburn gave a lecture the "Rights and Wrongs of Woman" in Champlin, the first public lecture on women’s rights in Minnesota.


  • The National Woman Suffrage Association (NWSA) founded in New York by Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony on May 15, 1969. 
      • NWSA was a female lead organization which advocated for a constitutional amendment to secure the vote for women, supported a variety of reforms that aimed to make women equal members of society and opposed the Fifteenth Amendment due to its failure to include women.
      • Image iconConstitution of NWSAof Duluth served as a founding Vice President 
  • The American Woman Suffrage Association (AWSA) founded in Boston by by Lucy Stone, Henry Brown Blackwell, and Julia Ward Howe.  
      • AWSA focused solely on the vote to attract as many supporters as possible, included male leaders, pursued a state-by-state strategy and supported the Fifthteen Amendment.


  • On November 5, 1872, Susan B Anthony and 7 other women voted in Rochester, New York in the 1872 Presidential Election 
  • Sojourner Truth was refused a ballot in Battle Creek, Michigan
  • Susan B Anthony arrested on November 18, 1872 for illegal voting, successfully using her arrest and trial to bring attention to woman's suffrage


  • Susan B. Anthony proposed wording for a US Constitutional Amendment 



  • The Susan B. Anthony Amendment was first introduced to the US Congress 


  • The first state wide suffragist organization, the Minnesota Woman Suffrage Association (MWSA),  was founded in Hastings by 14 women, including including Harriet Bishop, Sarah Stearns, Dr. Mary Colburn and Julia B. Nelson.



  • On January 25, the US Senate took the first vote on woman suffrage, where it was defeated 34 to 16, with 25 members absent 


  • On February 18, the National American Woman Suffrage Association (NAWSA) was formed from a merger of National Woman Suffrage Association (NWSA) and American Woman Suffrage Association (AWSA) with the single goal of obtaining the right to vote for women 


  • Minnesota Woman Suffrage Association (MWSA) made it first annual attempt to remove the word "male" from the state's voting requirements - the Minnesota Senate passed the bill but the bill was never voted on by the Minnesota House (Mar 16, 1893 Star Tribune article)


  • Equal Suffrage National Conference held at First Baptist Church in Minneapolis 





  • On April 9, Anoka suffragist Dr. Flora Aldrich spoke in favor of women's suffrage in the Minneapolis Tribune 


  • May 2 - Women' Suffrage Day - parades and rallys held in almost all states
  • May 2 - the Minnesota Woman Suffrage Association (MWSA) sponored a silent suffragist parade with 2000 participants in Minneapolis, popularizing woman's suffrage in Minnesota.  
  • May 2 -  a large rally was held at Rice Park in St Paul for Women' Suffrage Day


  • Suffrage was defeated by only one vote in the Minnesota Senate.


  • National Woman's Party founded


  • On May 2, Iowa minister Dr. Effie McCollum Jonesa field director for the National Woman Suffrage Association, spoke at Liberty Hall, Anoka but a suffragist society was not organized in Anoka due to poor attendance 
  • In January, the National Woman's Party began picketing outside the White House which lasted until the 19th Amendment was passed in 1919
      • Minnesotans Sarah Tarleton Colvin and Bertha Moller joined the picketing,  Moller was arrested 11 times and jailed twice, and Colvin, president of the Minnesota branch of the NWP, was jailed for five days after burning President Woodrow Wilson in effigy.


  • Grace Randali, one of the founders of Minnesota Woman Suffrage Association, visited Anoka to organize a Ratification Committee to advocate for the Nineteenth Amendment 


  • In March, the National Woman Suffrage Association created the League of Women Voters as an Auxiliary
  • On March 20, Minnesota women were granted the right to vote for presidential electors
  • On September 8, 1919 Minnesota ratified the Nineteenth Amendment to the US Constitution which passed 120–6 in the House of Representatives and 60–5 in the Senate during a special session.
  • On October 29, Minnesota Women Suffrage Association reincorporated as League of Women Voters, Minnesota 


  • On February 14, the National League of Women Voters became an independent organization
  • On April 21, National League of Women Voters chair, Mrs. Maud Wood Parker and State and District League officers visited Anoka to organize a local League in Anoka
  • On August 18, the Nineteenth Amendment became part of the US Constitution using the exact words proposed by Susan B. Anthony in 1875
  • Anoka County League of Women Voters President, Mrs. Gus Peterson, quoted in the Anoka Union celebrating Passage of the Nineteenth Amendment and encouraging women to vote
  • Anoka League of Women Voters conducted a one day political school for women voters at the Anoka County Fair
  • On November 2, 1920, women vote in the presidential election with women composing 40% of voters in Minnesota 


  • Minnesota eliminated all gender qualification from jury service


  • PDF iconMinnie Hill Beatty, future Charter Member of the Anoka League of Women Voters, served as first female election judge chair in her ward 


  • Columbia Heights League of Women Voters founded


  • Indian Citizenship Act of 1924 grants Native American women and men citizenship and the right to vote 


  • Cecelia Keys, Charter Member of the Columbia Heights League of Women Voters, became a Member of the State Board of League of Women Voters 


  • On May 18, Mary Hensler Spurzen held a tea, attended by 25 women, to permanently re-establish League of Women Voters in Anoka 


  • League efforts resulted in city wide garbage collection for City of Anoka
  • League successfully raised funds for the Anoka Library
  • League established Future Voters Club at Anoka Junior and Senior High Schools
  • League held candidate meetings for all elections 


  • League held forums for amendments to support revision of State Constitution 


  • League lobbied for permanent registration of voters in the Anoka area 


  • League observed United Nations Day by presenting a UN flag to Anoka High School 


  • League established a Charter Commission to review the Charter of the City of Anoka 


  • League member PDF iconZilla Way elected as the first female Anoka City Commissioner
  • League member PDF iconSusan Anderson began service on the Blaine Charter Commission
  • Blaine League of Women Voters published City Candidate Questionnaire in Blaine Life 


  • Minnesota League of Women Voters 50th Anniversary
  • Cecelia Keys, former Suffragette and Charter Member of the Columbia Heights League of Women Voters, interviewed for 50th Anniversary in Sun newspaper
  • Blaine League of Women Voters studied the Rice Creek Watershed and published four articles in the Sun newspaper 



  • League sponsored "Ban the Can" recycling movement
  • National League of Women Voters welcomed men to full membership and Fred Strobel became the first man to join League in Anoka County 



  • Due to inability to find members willing to serve as officers, the League of Women Voters Blaine disbanded and members merged with League of Woman Voters  Anoka - Coon Rapids. 


  • League of Woman Voters  Anoka - Coon Rapids officially name to League of Woman Voters  Anoka - Blaine - Coon Rapids (LWV-ABC). 



  • League recommended actions for a new correctional facility for women in Shakopee. 


  • League of Women Voters ABC and League of Women Voters Fridley created Booklets on Children's Issues 


  • Efforts by LWV ABC member PDF iconSandra Shanley resulted in passage of permanent absentee ballot legislation in Minnesota 


  • LWV ABC and Anoka-Hennepin District 11 sponsor education conversation with University of Minnesota President Nils Hasselmo 



  • LWV ABC held a forum on judicial independence/legislation 


  • Fridley LWV hosted a city government budget cut discussion


  • LWV ABC had a year long campaign to educate about hazardous household products. 


  • LWV ABC began a local study on the availability of home health care options for seniors and disabled in the Anoka County area 


  • LWV ABC helped obtain a volunteer coordinator position for Anoka County funded via the Minnesota Legacy Fund