The League of Women Voters has public policy positions on many topics. Since its founding in 1920, the League has focused its primary advocacy efforts on good government issues that strengthen our democracy, such as:

  • voter access
  • redistricting
  • a fair judiciary
  • ethics and dark money
  • home rule. 

The League also advocates on environmental, health, education, women's rights, social justice, and many other public policy issues on which it has taken positions. 

Our advocacy efforts include: 

  • direct lobbying of our legislative representatives
  • encouraging grassroots lobbying by citizens
  • presenting educational forums and programs to inform the public about issues. 

All League advocacy efforts are based on positions that are first studied and researched and then adopted by consensus of the members throughout the United States (national positions) and South Carolina (state positions). See the ISSUES / POSITIONS section of this website for a listing of our positions.