SC college students can vote at home or at school.

SC college students can vote at home or at school.

College students, register to vote!
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Are you attending college in South Carolina? If so, you have a choice to make. 

Resident students in South Carolina may register to vote either where they reside while attending college or at their home of origin. Whether you consider yourself to be more a resident of your college location or your original home location is up to you. Only you can decide where you think you want your voice as a voter to be heard. Just know that you can vote either where you attend school or at your home of origin, but not both.

If you want to register at your home address, you can do that online (if you have a state-issued ID like a driver's license), in-person at your county voter registration office, or by filling out and submitting a voter registration application.

Live out-of-state? Find out how you can register and vote there.

Want to vote in South Carolina? Let’s get started!  

Who’s eligible to register to vote in South Carolina? 

In general, you need to be at least age 18 on or before the next election, a U.S. citizen, and a South Carolina resident. More details. 

What’s your physical (street) address? 

Many college students receive their mail at a campus P.O. Box. To register to vote, you need to use your residence or dorm's physical (street) address. You can provide your P.O. Box address for mail purposes. 

Are you an out-of-state or in-state student? 


To register and vote at your South Carolina college address, you can register in person at your county board of voter registration or submit a completed South Carolina Voter Registration mail application to your county board of voter registration by mail, fax, or as an emailed photo or scan. 


Have an SC driver's license? You can register online. To do this, first update your address at SCDMV. Remember to use your residence or dorm street address, not a P.O. Box. Then register to vote online with your new permanent address. 

No SC driver's license? You can either register in person at your county board of voter registration, or submit a completed South Carolina Voter Registration mail application by mail, fax, or as an emailed image. 

When and how will my voter registration card arrive? 

Your card should arrive in about two weeks by U.S. mail. You don’t have to present your card when you vote.

What’s the deadline to register to vote? 

Voter registration is accepted all year at your county board of voter registration and online. However, you must be registered 30 days prior to an election to be eligible to vote in that election.  

More questions? 

Your county board of voter registration is happy to help! 

Ready, set, vote! 

Once you're registered, get ready to vote! Find out what's on your ballot and compare candidates at VOTE411, your one-stop source for nonpartisan voting and election information sponsored by the League of Women Voters. 
Find out how and where to voteMake a plan!  Elections are decided by those who show up. Grab YOUR FUTURE by the ballot.

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