Executive & Regulatory

Executive & Regulatory


LWVSC supports more effective implementation of state policies through:

1.  Organizational changes that best fit the primary criteria of greater client responsiveness, combining related functions, and reducing duplication of services in any further consolidation or reorganization of state agencies and departments. Greater political accountability, cost savings, and better provision for citizen input into policy and management should also be considered.

2.  Appointment by the governor, subject to legislative approval, of the following government officials: Secretary of State, Treasurer, Comptroller General, Attorney General, and Commissioner of Agriculture.

3.  Giving the governor the power to remove a gubernatorial board appointee for cause (which should be stated) without requiring the consent of the legislature. 

Approved May 2023: A brief study of the appointment versus the election of the Superintendent of Education as well as other state constitutional officers: Secretary of State, Treasurer, Comptroller. General, Attorney General, and Commissioner of Agriculture