Communications Resources

Communications Resources

LWVUS communications: general 

Summary of LWVUS online resources and contacts (2022 update) ; bookmark this page for a quick resource to find what you need

Media Training (LWVUS webinar 2022: press releases, press statements, media advisories, social media guidance) 

Visual messaging

Logos and branding
League (LWV) Rebranding Guidelines (2018) and new LWV logos (2018). The current logo is the open “LWV” with a swoosh. The logo displaying “LWV” inside a blue box has been retired, as has any logo using a serif font.
Social Media Avatars (LWV in squares, circles suitable for Facebook profiles and other uses) 
VOTE411 Rebranding Guidelines (2019) and new VOTE411 logos (2019), The red and blue VOTE411 logo with raised hands has been retired and should be replaced with the purple speech bubble logo.
Submit events, videos, and photos from your local League to this easy Google form if you want to be featured in state social media
LWVUS Flkr site of free-to-use photos
Graphics and LWVUS content/messaging
Talking Points & Templates; toolkits often include graphics
LWVUS Messaging Calendar with links to graphics and resources by month/day


Working with the press 

PDF icon Sample LWVSC Press Release and Template  (2023) Refer to LWVUS Templates and Graphics for possible LWVUS boilerplates by topic
PDF icon LWVSC Media Advisory Template to invite media event coverage (2023)



Avoid pitfalls, especially during campaign season: