Human Rights & Services

Human Rights & Services

Our Program & Action Agenda 


Our Program & Action Priorities for 2021-2023

  • Protection of Voter Rights/Voter Access
  • Redistricting
  • Education 

Our Core Positions 

Human Rights and Human Services
LWVSC supports the creation of a nurturing, protective, and supportive environment for all of its residents, regardless of race or gender. Important public services that contribute to that environment include education, health care, protection of children’s rights, and the criminal justice system. We support public state-supported education at all levels which is high quality, effective, equitable, fully funded, and accountable. We affirm the right of children to protective services, safe and affordable childcare, and fair and supportive treatment when in the juvenile justice system. We support policies that will reduce the prison population and provide better services to inmates that will help to rehabilitate them when they return to the community.
  • Racial and Gender EquityLWVSC supports gender and racial equity, including ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment and the promotion of fairness in hiring, advancement, pay, and representation in public appointments.
  • EducationLWVSC supports public state-supported education at all levels that is high quality, effective, equitable, fully funded, and accountable.
  • Health CareLWVSC, in conformity with LWVUS policy, supports provision of a basic level of quality health care at an affordable cost for all South Carolina residents. Health Insurance should be expanded to cover all South Carolinians. The state should participate fully in federal programs to provide health care insurance and services. LWVSC strongly supports access to sexual and reproductive health care and autonomy of decision-making.
  • Protection of Children’s RightsLWVSC supports programs and policies that ensure quality services, personnel, financing, and training at all levels of government in order to meet the needs of children and families, and a juvenile justice system that has as its primary purpose the rehabilitation, safety, and well-being of the offender.
  • Criminal JusticeLWVSC supports improvements in function and oversight of the Department of Correction to promote the rehabilitation, safety, and well-being of inmates, with attention to offenders’ responsibility to the community and preparing them for their return to the community.