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Know Your State: South Carolina Government (2023 Sixth Edition) 

By the League of Women Voters of South Carolina

Price: $15, including shipping. Available on Amazon. 

Know Your State South Carolina Government 2023 book coverCitizen education and connecting citizens to the political process are roles the League was created to fulfill and remain our greatest strength. To this end, the League of Women Voters of South Carolina has published the sixth edition of Know Your State: South Carolina Government as a guide to understanding how government works in our state and as a tool for effective citizen advocacy.

A revised edition of our popular book first published in 1972, this 100-page paperback provides information about the SC constitution and its history, suffrage, and elections in the state, the South Carolina legislature, the SC executive branch, the SC judiciary, education in our state, finance, and taxation, as well as local government. 


In Her Shoes: A History of the League of Women Voters of South Carolina, 1920-2020

by Sheila Haney Interview with author Sheila Haney


$15 per copy, including shipping. Available on Amazon.  All royalties go to the League of Women Voters of South Carolina. 

In Her Shoes ImageIn Her Shoes describes the creation of the League of Women Voters in South Carolina and a century of dedicated efforts by hard-working volunteers in South Carolina to make democracy work for all of us. Eight of those women are featured in brief biographies because of their contributions to this history. The League of Women Voters of South Carolina has a long and colorful history. Born out of the women's suffrage movement, the South Carolina League was organized in 1920, the year of the ratification of the 19th Amendment that ended a 72-year struggle for women’s right to vote. The League in South Carolina went dormant in the 1930s, only to revive in the late 1940s, with a state board in place in 1951, just in time for the struggle over desegregation of the public schools. Over the years, the South Carolina League has always focused on voter education, voting rights, empowerment of women, as well as advocacy for constitutional reform, environmental protection, public education, and transparent and accountable government.  A case of dedicated and sometimes colorful women leaders populate this well-researched history of an organization that has won the trust and respect of citizens and public officials as a nonpartisan watchdog for good government in the Palmetto state.



League Legacy: Conversations with Past Presidents, 1977-2011 bookLeague Legacy: Conversations with LWVSC Presidents, 1977-2011

$10 per copy, including shipping. Purchase below by credit card. Questions?  Email the LWVSC Treasurer.

LWVSC's publication consists of interviews with nine former state League presidents interviewing former state presidents about their impressions of their time in office. 

League Legacy: Conversations