CoverSC Coalition Champions Medicaid Expansion

CoverSC Coalition Champions Medicaid Expansion

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CoverSC, the new statewide coalition advocating for Medicaid Expansion, rolled out their website in February:  I’m getting a lot of interest in revisiting the issue of Medicaid Expansion in our state.  In recent budget hearings of the Ways and Means Committee, the chair asked every agency head dealing in health care whether we are drawing down all the match we can from the federal government.  Of course, we are not.  We are leaving billions on the table that benefit other states.

Closing the health insurance gap would cover over 200,000 South Carolinians. Most are workers who make too much to qualify for Medicaid but too little to afford private insurance. More people could access preventative care, reduce emergency room use, improve our state’s health outcomes, and lower health care costs for all.

Affordable healthcare will reduce medical debt and improve financial independence for families. Expanding coverage contributes 30,000 new jobs in South Carolina, bringing employment and healthcare to rural communities.

I encourage all League members to visit and bookmark it. Soon the site will allow supporters to subscribe to an action email list. Meanwhile, if you have questions or suggestions about the website, or if you have a story to tell concerning lack of insurance, contact me at tcarnold74 [at]

-Teresa Arnold
Health Care Advocacy Specialist/Lobbyist, League of Women Voters of South Carolina
Chair, CoverSC 
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