U.S. Supreme Court to take up SC redistricting case

U.S. Supreme Court to take up SC redistricting case

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Monday, October 9, 2023

By Becky Budd, WLTX News 19

COLUMBIA, S.C. — The United States Supreme Court is set to hear arguments Wednesday regarding the redistricting of South Carolina's First Congressional District. The case centers around allegations of racial gerrymandering, with civil rights groups arguing that the district lines were drawn in a way that diluted the power of Black voters in the Charleston area. This legal battle comes months after a federal three-judge panel ruled that the district's boundaries were intentionally manipulated, disadvantaging Black voters.

Lynn Teague, a spokesperson for the League of Women Voters, contended that the new district lines were designed to secure GOP control.

"That leads to campaigns that appeal to primary elections, not to the broader general electorate. That means campaigns that are more extreme because a lot of folks don’t show up to primaries,” said Teague.

... Voting rights groups argue that this case transcends a single congressional election in South Carolina. Teague emphasized,

"Black voters are being hurt, but all voters are being hurt. All voters are not having their community being accurately represented."

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