2023-24 Electoral Democracy Advocacy

2023-24 Electoral Democracy Advocacy

2023 Legislative Advocacy

The League remains focused most intensively on its Making Democracy Work (MDW) campaign: voting and elections, redistricting, and opposition to constitutional convention resolutions. The League, as always, will attempt to advocate on all bills falling within our areas of interest as defined in state and national policies. Follow our latest Making Democracy Work (MDW) Network Updates to organizations that share our interests. 

Related LWVSC Electoral Democracy Positions/Issues 

LWVSC 2023 Bills of Interest

2023-24 LWVSC Bills of Interest

Election Procedures

S.406 Expediting Vote Tallies
S. 406 adds tabulation of early voting ballots to absentee-by-mail ballots. The League supports this badly needed accommodation for the efficient tabulation of ballots in preparation for timely election reporting after polls close. The provision that hand-count audits of ballots must be conducted publicly is also very important to ensure the integrity of the process and citizen confidence in our elections. 
H. 38923 Witness Signatures
The League of Women Voters of South Carolina believes that H.3823 is unnecessary and a potential obstacle to legitimate voters who are unable to vote in person.
H. 3734 Municipal Elections
The League of Women Voters of South Carolina applauds the improved consistency that H.3734 will bring to municipal elections. We ask that you amend this bill to eliminate the March and July options. 


Closed Primary Elections

H. 3695 Closed Primary Elections 
The League of Women Voters of South Carolina opposes H.3695. Primary elections are publicly funded and should not be subject to constraints that limit the ability of the public to have a voice in how we are governed.