General Assembly

General Assembly

SC State House


LWVSC supports making the General Assembly more efficient, effective, accountable and responsive through:

1.  Provision for more roll call votes.

2.  Subsistence pay for Senators only when present (as in House).

3.  Pre-session orientation and organization for the Senate (as in House).

4.  Some limitation on the number of consecutive terms a Speaker of the House can serve. However, a Speaker should be permitted to serve at least three (3) consecutive terms.

5.  Proper staffing and financial support of state agencies mandated by law or regulations to carry out and enforce the provisions of state and federal laws and regulations.

6.  A Committee on Committees to assign members to committees.

7.  Modification of the committee assignment procedures to include criteria other than just seniority.

8.  Parallel jurisdiction for committees in the House and Senate.

9.  Full publicizing of all committee meetings year- round in a timely manner, giving date, time and place, including listing with the Legislative Information System.