For League Members

For League Members


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LWVSC Bylaws (last update 2019)

LWVSC Board Policies Updated September 2020

Program and Action Agenda 2019-2021 Revised May 2020

Request Form for Local Leagues:
Local leagues have an opportunity for input regarding LWVSC lobbying work in the SC Statehouse through use of the "State Legislative Action Request Form," attached below as a pdf. A local league board is welcome to submit this form if there is a legislative action, based on a LWVUS and/or LWVSC postion, that it is particularly interested in furthering. The request will be reviewed by a board-designated subcommitte, including the LWVSC lobbyist, and a determination made as to the possibility of accommodating the request without detriment to the LWVSC focused lobbying activity for that legislative session.

State Legislative Action Request Form