Redistricting Reform

Politicians should not be choosing their voters.
Position In Brief: 

When the legislature resumes the second half of their 2017/2018 session in January, we are asking that they include redistricting reform on their agenda. Two bills have already been introduced: one by Sen. Nikki Setzler and one by Rep. Laurie Slade Funderburk, and additional bills may be filed this year. If the bills do not pass by the end of the next session (May 2018), legislation will need to start from scratch in 2019.

  1. Call your legislator and say you want redistricting reform. An in-person visit or phone call is more effective than an email.
  2. Help inform the community about this important but complicated issue. Members from the LWV are happy to attend community meetings and talk about gerrymandering and redistricting reform.
  3. Share our Redistricting Explainer with your networks and on social media
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