LWV Voter Service Activities

LWV Voter Service Activities

The League of Women Voters actively encourages and supports all eligible citizens to register and to vote in national, state and local elections 


The LWV holds Voter Registration Drives

  • On National Voter Registration Day – the 4th Tuesday of September each year
  • In high schools for students and sometimes teachers and staff
  • At community events
  • For the homeless
  • Person in trouble with the law that are eligible to vote
  • For people with limited mobility (seniors and low income)

The LWV works to educate voters on candidates and issues

 VOTE411 Informed voters. Empowering People
  • VOTE411 - where voters can access their individual ballot and know what they will be voting on.  For the national, state and local races the candidates themselves enter their information and voters can compare the candidates.
  • Candidate Forums – Candidates for a specific office participate in a debate with the public invited.  These are generally at the state and local level.
  • Candidate information brochures on candidates and issues in upcoming elections.

Effective information for successful candidate forums and VOTE411 guides (Jan. 2019)

FAQS here
Empty chair debate tips here
Guidance for Leagues on candidates here
Developing unbiased questions here 

The LWV works to help individuals get to vote

  • Helping individuals get information on absentee voting both my mail and in person.
  • Helping individuals get to the polls on election day.