2023-24 Effective, Accountable Government Advocacy

2023-24 Effective, Accountable Government Advocacy

2023 Legislative Advocacy

The League remains focused most intensively on its Making Democracy Work (MDW) campaign: voting and elections, redistricting, and opposition to constitutional convention resolutions. The League, as always, will attempt to advocate on all bills falling within our areas of interest as defined in state and national policies. Follow our latest Making Democracy Work (MDW) Network Updates to organizations that share our interests. 

Reference: LWVSC Effective, Accountable Government Positions/Issues

LWVSC 2023 Bills of Interest

LWVSC 2023-24 Bills of Interest


S. 95, Constitutional Amendment for the Comptroller General to be Appointed by the Governor
The League of Women Voters of South Carolina supports more effective implementation of state policies through the appointment of the Comptroller General by the governor, subject to legislative approval. The League also supports giving the governor the power to remove the appointee in this office for cause, without legislative consultation.